Inmitten des Bergsteigerdorfs Hüttschlag stehen einige alte Bauernhäuser.


Farm products

The best Hüttschlager free-range eggs and numerous farm products for your holiday enjoyment: Leonie and Stephan Berger, who run the Oberneuhof in Hüttschlag, provide you with agricultural culinary delights via the Onkl Xonna system. The focus is on animal welfare and awareness of the local nature.

Pure holiday bliss

The concept of exceeding expectations, surrounded by the majestic mountain world of the Grossarl Valley: our ONKL XONNA Chalets bring luxury, relaxation and exclusivity to your holiday. Here, no one’s wishes go unfulfilled.

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July 11th to September 30, 2024

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1 June to 7 July 2024